LangSec Workshop

at IEEE Security & Privacy, May 21, 2020

Workshop program

Sixth Language-theoretic Security (LangSec) IEEE Security & Privacy Workshop

Preliminary Program

9am-9:20amOpening Words from the Organizers
9:20-10:20am Keynote: David Walker (Princeton University).
10:20-10:40am Break
10:40am-12:20pm First Session: Research papers (Session chair: TBD)
"Language-agnostic Injection Detection". Lars Hermerschmidt (AXA Konzern AG), Andreas Straub (RWTH Aachen University), and Goran Piskachev (Fraunhofer IEM).
"Toward Automated Grammar Extraction via Semantic Labeling of Parser Implementations". Carson Harmon, Bradford Larsen, and Evan S. Sultanik (Trail of Bits).
"The Geometry of Syntax and Semantics for Directed File Transformations". Steve Huntsman (BAE Systems FAST Labs) and Michael Robinson (American University).
"Armor Within: Defending against Vulnerabilities in Third-Party Libraries". Sameed Ali, Prashant Anantharaman and Sean Smith (Dartmouth College).
12:20-1:20pm Break + Lunch Time
1:20-2:20pmKeynote: Jeremy Yallop (University of Cambridge).
2:20-3:10pmSecond Session: Invited talks (Session chair: TBD)
"A Story About JavaScript". Natalie Silvanovich (Google Inc.).
"Weird Circuits in CPU Microarchitectures". Abhrajit Ghosh (Perspecta Labs) and Dmitry Evtyushkin (College of William & Mary).
3:10-3:30pm Afternoon Break
3:30-4:50pmThird Session: Research reports (Session chair: TBD)
"The Parsley Data Format Definition Language". Prashanth Mundkur (SRI International), Prashant Anantharaman (Dartmouth College), Sameed Ali (Dartmouth College), Linda Briesemeister (SRI International), Natarajan Shankar (SRI International), and Sean Smith (Dartmouth College).
"Formally-Verified ASN.1 Protocol C-language Stack". Nika Pona ( and Vadim Zaliva (Carnegie Mellon University).
"Building a Wide Reach Corpus for Secure Parser Development". Timothy Allison, Wayne Burke, Chris Mattmann, Anastasia Menshikova, Philip Southam, Ryan Stonebraker and Virisha Timmaraju (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory).
"ICARUS: Building Parsers out of Feathers and Wax". Sam Cowger, Yerim Lee, Nichole Schimanski, Mark Tullsen, Walter Woods, Richard Jones, Ew Davis, William Harris (Galois, Inc.), Trent Brunson, Carson Harmon, Bradford Larsen and Evan Sultanik (Trail of Bits).
4:50-5:30pmFourth Session: Work-in-progress (Session chair: TBD)
"Reverse Engineering Binary Messages through Design Patterns". Jared Chandler and Kathleen Fisher (Tufts University).
"On Session Languages". Prashant Anantharaman and Sean Smith (Dartmouth College).
"Weird Machine-inducing Vulnerabilities: a Symbolic Execution Model". Jordy Gennissen (Royal Holloway, University of London).
"A Survey of Connections between Exploitation Primitives". Avi Weinstock.
5:30-5:35pm Thanks & Concluding Remarks